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Voyeur Double BJ with Adriana Chechick & Alex Legend

July 11th 2017

Section: Blowjob - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend, Adriana Chechik

What can I say? My friends are just like me! We love being little sluts! The other night I was hangout with my friend Adriana Chechick. We watched a movie at her place and I was about to leave with my bf but Adriana and I wanted a little midnight snack! And what's the best midnight snack? A big fat cock with a warm load! We know how to get what we want so it didn't take long to make that cock super hard! we then worked out our magic jerking it, deepthoating it, sucking the balls until he couldn't hold it any longer and gave us a nice warm load! There you have it! the slutty girls midnight snack! I might get hungry some other night soon so stay tuned! ;-) PP

Penny’s Step Dad Train Her Then Fuck Her!

May 11th 2017

Section: Boy Girl - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

My Step Dad is really cool! I’ve been trying to stick to my workouts lately and he’s been training me. He’s in very good shape and he’s also been working out for years! I’m not super motivated to work out everyday but I know I have to do it. Since my step dad is really cool he came up with a way to reward me if I train good, you might wonder how so? With his big fat dick!! ;-) I’m such a horny little slut and I’ve had a crush on him since he started dating my mom. I can see now why she likes him so much! Cause his dick feels so good and apparently he also enjoys fucking my young tight little pussy! He rewarded me by giving me a huge load covering my tits and filling up my mouth! PP

Sleep Creep BJ

May 2nd 2017

Section: Fetish - Scene Stars: Penny Pax

Never fall asleep at a strangers house because he will tie you up and have his way with you. This is a sleep fetish, bj in rope bondage scene that will creep you out and make you cum!

Penny’s Private Collection Vol.1

April 23rd 2017

Section: Boy Girl - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

It's no secret to anyone that I'm a little slut! And what sluts do to have fun? You guessed right!! They fuck and when they're done... They fuck some more! lol ;-) I was off this weekend and despite getting fucked at work all week I was still horny!! So I asked my favorite big french dick to fuck me hard and treat me like a little whore which he did to my pleasure!! ;-) Watch this home made video from my private collection and don't miss the end!! I got my face covered in a monster load!! Iknow you'll enjoy cause I defintely did!! PP