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BFF and Bro Homework with Abella Danger

June 12th 2016

Section: 3some - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend, Abella Danger

My step brother is always creeping around with his video camera! One day when my BFF Abella came over to study with me he totally caught us on camera making out. So what does he do?? He totally blackmails us into having sex with him! He says he will tell everyone including our parents if we don't suck and fuck him. So being a good sister, I decide to take one for the team and climb on top of my brothers cock in cowgirl. It's super important in that no one knows about this because rumors spread super quick and we don't want people thinking we are big lesbians. But of course with our luck my creepy stepbrother just so happens to be videotaping us through a crack in my door! We were totally busted and we knew we had to figure out someway to get that footage deleted. That's when my brother says that if we keep making out and we let him watch he will delete the tape. what other choice do we have? I should've known not to trust my brother because as soon as we finish making out he decides he wants to get his dick sucked and if we don't comply he's gonna tell mom, dad and Abella’s parents what he saw. Bonus: Slo- mo come recap!!

The Hills Have D Vol.2 Don't Drop The Ball

June 12th 2016

Section: 3some - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend, Sarah Shevo

I have been monitoring my security cameras as usual without much action lately. Finally a new face shows up, a girl I have never seen before and I know immediately I need to make contact. She womanly, sweet and kind looking. I want to put my dick in her. I make my move out to the location, and shake her down. Sadly she's not alone and I have to deal with a little brat friend that I have encountered once before on my property. I warned her what would happen if she came back so I had no choice. I make make them suck my dick and fuck their wet pussies before coming all over those sluts faces.

We Just Came To Fuck Vol.1

June 12th 2016

Section: 3some - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend, Sovereign Syre

Alex Legend and I have lots of sexy friends and we want to fuck them all! In this update we go visit Sovereign Syre, a sexy dark haired all natural beauty. We waste no time when we arrive to her house and get right to the action. Sovereign and I share Alex's dick, getting it all wet with spit so he can slip it right inside us. I go first taking the dick in doggy while I play with Sovereign, it's so hard to focus though with such good cock inside me! Sovereign takes Alex next in missionary and doggy, coming all over that fat french dick! We are hungry little come drunk sluts at this point so the only thing left to do is get that load! Sovereign and I jerk that dick until it covers us in all that come before we bounce on to our next fuck session!! BONUS: Slow-mo cumshot recap!!

We Just Came To Fuck (Your Ass) Vol.2

June 12th 2016

Section: 3some - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend, Roxy Raye

Roxy Raye and I were just trying out our new toys when we realized what we needed next now that our holes are ready is some cock! I call my good friend Alex Legend to come deliver just that! We don't waste any time as soon as he arrives we pull that dick out. We suck and slobber all over that monster getting it nice and wet for our assholes. All we want is anal. He fucks both of us in doggy style before lining up both buttholes right next to each other to use at the same time. I take the camera for a little while in this clip so you can see Roxy taking that fat dick in her ass from underneath. We clean that cock from right out of her ass with our tongues before I take a turn sitting on that dick. Next Roxy climbs aboard the French shaft and fucks it both in reverse and cowgirl. The next position is my personal favorite because we stacked both of our asses on top of each other for Alex to double dip into each ass back and forth. I turn around into a 69 underneath Roxy to watch Alex shoot his load in her ass and catch it right in my mouth. BONUS: Slow-mo cum recap!!