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Sibling's Spanking Punishment

June 11th 2016

Section: Fetish - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

My brother is back to check on his favorite sister and make sure I'm not still talking to my now ex boyfriend. And I'm a big brat so of course I was!! He totally busted me on the phone! This time he didn't bring any implements so he just uses his huge strong hands to teach me a lesson. He smacks me all the way up my little legs turning them bright red, and then up to my ass. He spanks me hard until I'm begging and promising to never talk to my ex boyfriend again. 

Flogging Penny

June 11th 2016

Section: Fetish - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

Penny has continued misbehaving after numerous warnings. There are only so many times you can tell your students not to do it before you lose it. She needed to be taught a lesson she wouldn't forget. This requires the help of my friend Mr. Flogger. This implement is particularly useful because it does not leave lasting marks on the body. I ordered her to report to my office naked. There I tie her hand and feet to a chair to make sure she doesn't move during her lesson. The lesson is much more affective if the student is able to focus on what's being taught. I always give my students a chance to recognize what they're being punished for but Little Miss Penny never seems to get it. The result is a heavy flogging lasting over 20 minutes with her adorable pale skin becoming red and swollen.

Solo Anal Fingering Bathtub

June 11th 2016

Section: Fetish - Scene Stars: Penny Pax

I don't know what it is about hotels but I am always so horny when I stay in one! This particular trip I totally forgot to bring any toys with me!! I searched though all of my luggage and finally found something that was the perfect size. My leave in conditioner bottle had a thick base that would be perfect for stretching out my butthole. I slick up the base with spit and slowly work it into my ass, popping it in and pushing it out is my favorite. I love doing it super slow to feel my little hole stretching and loosening. This feeling makes my pussy so wet and swollen I just have to put my fingers inside my pink slit. Watch me play with both my horny wet holes in the hotel bathtub. 

Brother And Sister Chronicles Vol. 1

June 10th 2016

Section: Boy Girl - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

My step brother is such a creep! One night when I was passed out on my bed he came in and woke me up with his big dick! Can you guess what I did? What every good sister does! I took that big dick in my holes to make my brother cum! I suck his dick, Get fucked in doggy, missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and more missionary before getting a big load as my reward! BONUS: Slow-mo cum recap!!