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Meet my big black boyfriend & back off already

July 5th 2018

Section: Solo - Scene Stars: Penny Pax

I know we have been friends for years now & I always thought I knew you but now I am not so sure... A few days ago you met my boyfriend for the first time and ever since you have been acting so strange. Are you like into him or something? I feel like you were like undressing him with your eyes or like staring at his dick... I knew you liked cock but this one is mine! Stay the fuck away from my man!! How can I make this clear? What do I need to do to get this through your thick skull? I know what you are thinking, and no absolutely not am I letting you touch it! You are out of your fucking mind! First of all he isn't gay, second of all why would he agree to that? Finally... what is in that for me?? Will you actually chill out? Look, I know he is the perfect man and I can't blame you for wanting him but we can't be friends anymore if you continue to be like this. Wait, I have an idea that might just work out for the both of us.. but you have to promise if I do this for you that you understand that this is a one time thing that will never happen again. I am strictly doing this to get you off my back and freaking out my man.

Taking Tommy Pistol

July 2nd 2018

Section: Boy Girl - Scene Stars: Tommy Pistol, Penny Pax

I am always hungry for dick, and this one particular day I was traveling out of town for work with a few different male and female talent. Tommy Pistol was one of the talent I was traveling with but not shooting with. Naturally I feel whenever I can't have something I just want it more. So one morning I sneak out of my room and into his to get some of that cock I am being deprived of. I don't know Tommy super well, but apparently he is a heavy sleeper!! I am able to get his cock out, suck it and then even climb on top to stick it in my wet warm pussy. That was when he finally woke up and lets just say he wasn't upset. Instead he gets up and gives me exactly what I came into his room for, some fucking dick! He fucks me up against his bed, tastes my pussy and then I get down on my knees like a good girl to finish him off and drain his balls in my mouth. After that I let him go back to bed just in case he needs a little nap after our early morning workout.

BTS POV DBJ Kendra Cole John Strong Penny Pax

June 28th 2018

Section: BTS - Scene Stars: John Strong, Penny Pax, Kendra Cole

Wanna watch me being a dirty slut and sucking on some random dick with my friend Kendra? This video is for you, it's like you're sitting on the couch watching it all unfold before your eyes! ;-)

1(800) FUCK-NOW

June 25th 2018

Section: Blowjob - Scene Stars: John Strong, Penny Pax, Kendra Cole

My girlfriend Kendra Cole and I love keeping our relationship spicy. We got a dick delivery service number from one of our friends and today we finally tried it out!! We were not disappointed at all. The company followed all of our directions and specifications for what kind of delivery experience we wanted to a T! We got ready and waited for him perched on the bed like two cock starved sluts. He comes in all ready to go and brings out a delicious dick that we both devour between the both of us. It quickly becomes a hot slippery sloppy mess with both of us taking turns sucking and choking on his shaft while the other polishes his balls. At this point we toss him on the bed so we can really get to that yummy dick and work it until it cums. We are true cum sluts at heart so when the good stuff comes out we swallow every last drop. We can't wait to try this dick delivery service again because we had such an amazing time, we cant wait to see who and what comes next!