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Sarah Jessie & I finally fuck

July 30th 2018

Section: Lesbian - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Sarah Jessie

I have had a crush on Sarah Jessie forever and I finally got her all to myself! I always get so shy around pretty girls but something about her just releases the animal inside of me. I gladly worship her flawless body from her luscious lips, down her sweet smelling neck to her perfect huge tits. Her nipples are so hard already when I take her tits in my mouth and flick my tongue on them. I can't wait to taste her pussy so I head directly downtown to see her pink peach. She doesn't even have time to take her outfit off, so I just pull it to the side and chow down. I love the taste of her pussy, its better than I even remembered. I make her cum all over my face before she goes down on my hairy bush. One of my favorite things to do is to pull my bush hair back to help spread my pussy and see the girls eyes down between my legs while her mouth is devouring me. I brought one of my favorite toys too because I knew I wanted her to fuck me no matter what else happened. She fucks my mouth with my thick pink dildo getting it all covered with slobber before shoving it in my tight wet hole. She fucks me to the brink of orgasm, edging me by slowing down and speeding up. She finally puts me over the edge by putting her tongue on my asshole and playing with my clit while fucking me hard with that toy. I cum all over it and immediately beg to have her fuck my face again so I can taste my juices that are covering the toy now. Once I clean it all up she asks me to fuck her and I couldn't be more excited to see her perfect pussy swallow up this toy and make her cum as hard as she made me cum. Now keep in mind her pussy looks so tiny so when it swallows up nearly the whole toy I can't help but get even more turned on by how hot and slutty she is. I made her cum all over the toy by licking her clit and sucking on it while keeping the toy deep inside her. We share each others juices between our lips as we make out more and slip into post orgasm bliss.

Secret Spycam: Shower

July 27th 2018

Section: Fetish - Scene Stars: Penny Pax

Someone....put up a camera in my shower and I cannot find where it is hidden! I have searched every inch of the bathroom and shower with no luck. Thankfully whoever did it sends me the footage after every shower so here it is for you to enjoy! Pure Penny Pax. Unscripted and undressed, because I am showering. I soap up, rinse off and all without knowing I am being filmed. Kind of creepy but also kind of hot! Am I right??

Daredevil XXX BTS sex in a confessional

July 25th 2018

Section: BTS - Scene Stars: Penny Pax, Alex Legend

This is an exclusive look behind the scenes of a scene I shot with Alex Legend for the Daredevil XXX parody. The scene takes place in a confessional where Daredevil is confessing his sins. Which to start has a number of issues to shoot since its very small and cramped. Sex positions are limited, camera angles are few and not to mention its quite a hard surface to be up against naked! Besides all that, I don't know about you but I love seeing how things are made. I always enjoy the finished product to things with editing and effects but I also like seeing the raw uncut version. Sometimes some really funny things happen! This is exacty that. I hope you enjoy this exclusive look behind the scenes of my scene for Daredevil XXX.

Anniversary BBC for me

July 23rd 2018

Section: 3some - Scene Stars: Rob Piper, Penny Pax, Sarah Jessie

Sarah Jessie & her husband Rob Piper are on their anniversary trip in Paris. Sarah loves Robs monster dick so much that she wants to share him with one lucky girl tonight. Me! They want a native French girl and I almost fool them with my accent but I can't keep the gag up and I have to tell them that I'm actually American. I still really want to make their anniversary special so I beg them to let me stay, plus I haven't had a BBC in so long I am craving it! Thankfully they agree and I before I know it my tits are out and her husband is sucking on them while I make out with his hot wife. I can see his huge dick growing in his pants as every second goes by, I can't wait to feel it inside me so I ask Sarah if I can please take it out. Of course she says yes, so I unwrap his hard package to reveal one of the most delicious dicks I have ever seen. Sarah and I share his cock between our wet hungry face holes, taking turns on servicing his shaft and tonguing his cum filled balls. After drenching his dick in spit from gagging and sucking it I am so turned on I need to feel him inside me. Sarah tells me how horny it makes her watching her husbands cock fill holes so I climb aboard like a good girl to give Sarah what she wants to see. Truth be told I was in heaven having her husbands dick slide inside my pussy, but knowing how excited that made her was making it even better. It feels so much bigger than it looks and I can barely keep myself from cumming as I ride him, taking every inch inside me. Sarah is dripping wet at this point from watching me take her husbands dick and I can tell she needs to feel it inside her right now. She climbs on top and as Rob takes her to pound town I take advantage of her beautiful tits and put them in my mouth. Her face is pure pleasure every stroke her pussy takes and she cums hard on him as I kiss her tits to put her over the edge. I am one cock hungry girl so I need to have more of her husband before I leave. This time he takes me from behind and pushes my face down into his wife's pussy so I can taste her cum from getting fucked by that hard cock. He makes me cum so hard from behind, making me take his thick dick all the way through orgasm. I am so cum drunk at this point all I can think about is draining his balls so I can taste him. I climb on top to ride him again to bring him to the brink of orgasm and just when hes about to cum I pull off of him and beg for him to cum on my hairy bush. I can't help but take my fingers and taste his cum, I love to taste every load I work for. I can tell that this happy couple got exactly what they had in mind so I grab my clothes and leave a happy cum drunk slut.